1. Vicki Sher/Studio Visit

    Had a nice visit with the multi-talented Vicki Sher recently. 

    Recently I’ve had two important goals in the studio.  First, to reintroduce a more playful, experimental spirit into my work process, and secondly, to revisit past work that was put aside as unresolved.  By reviewing my past abandoned projects, and giving them new life as cut-outs and pieces of a new whole, I feel I am looking back and forward at the same time, which has the curious effect of grounding me in the present.  The resurrection of old “dead” drawings and cutting them up is a little exhilarating, and gives off energy that is very freeing.  The resulting drawings and collages are open-ended, made with a freedom of movement that feels a little like dancing. -Vicki Sher

  2. The artist in her studio, 2014 The artist in her studio, 2014
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    The artist in her studio, 2014

  3. recent collage work recent collage work
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    recent collage work

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  11. a recent series of paintings a recent series of paintings
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    a recent series of paintings

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